Frequently Asked Questions - Grease Coupler

The G Coupler comes with a seal kit with your order

What comes included with the G Coupler grease coupler?

You will receive the G Coupler grease coupler with a seal kit already inserted into the grease coupler. A free spare seal kit is also included with your order. 

How many grease couplers are offered?

Currently, there are two:

1). The Original G. Coupler (OUT OF STOCK - mfg. discontinued as of July 2019)

2). The Original G. Coupler Long Series (IN STOCK)

What is the highest pressure I can use with the G Coupler grease coupler?

The G Coupler grease coupler can be used on heavy-duty industrial pumps and pneumatic grease pumps with pressure ratings up to 690 bar (10,000 psi).      

*Ensure that all your fittings and pipes are well maintained and correctly specified for the pressure you will be using. A hose that bursts under high pressure can cause grease to penetrate your skin. This is a serious health risk.

What grease guns does the G Coupler grease coupler fit onto?

Here's a list of compatible grease guns that the G Coupler fits onto:   - ADT - Alemite - Allstar - DeWalt - Draper - Grainger - John Deere - Legacy   - Lincoln - Lumax - Macnaught - Milwaukee - Plews lubrication (Edelmann) - PowerLuber - Sealey - SKF - UMETA - Wilmar - Almost any grease gun should work.

The G Coupler grease coupler can be used on manual lever action, pistol grip, trigger action, battery powered (cordless) and pneumatic (air operated and powered) greasing equipment.

Is there a warranty for the G Coupler grease coupler?

Yes, there is a 30 day warranty on workmanship and materials.

How well does the G Coupler grease coupler handle 000.00 grease?

Yes, you can use the G Coupler grease coupler with (NGLI) 000.00 grease. Disconnection may be slightly messy though.

Grease Coupler Video

This video will show all the great benefits of having the locking grease coupler. Check it out! 

Coupler Questions (Continued)

Locking grease coupler, G Coupler by Gurtech, similar to the LockNLube Coupler. Locks on!

Is the G Coupler grease coupler a USA made tool, like the V-DrillGuides or V-TapGuides?

No, the high quality G Coupler grease coupler is made in South Africa.

Can I use the G Coupler grease coupler to lubricate in very tight places or in recessed fittings?

As a high pressure, heavy duty grease coupler, it will fit into the majority of recesses (the diameter on the front is 0.63 inches (16 mm), only 0.04 inches (1 mm) greater than most standard push-on couplers).  

The diameter of the G Coupler coupler is smaller than a number of the most common heavy duty grease couplers.  

While the G Coupler grease coupler is compatible with most recesses and nipple placements, it may not fit into very tight or some recessed spaces.  

Accessibility to the odd hard-to-reach zerk, can often be resolved by fitting a different variation of Zerk grease fitting. One with a longer neck, shorter neck, 45 degree bend, right angle (90°) bend, etc. These fittings are usually low cost items that are very easy to replace.  

We have had a couple of questions about this, but in the end our customers still believe that this small shortcoming is greatly outweighed by the many benefits.

What are all the features of the G Coupler grease coupler?

1. Works with all grease gun types: pneumatic, manual and electric (battery).  

2. Works on all SAE and metric (DIN) specification Zerks (grease nipples).  

3. Available in 1/8" NPT  

4. Works with all grease gun manufacturers, including: - ADT, Alemite, Allstar, DeWalt, Draper, Grainger, John Deere, Legacy, Lincoln, Lumax, Macnaught, Milwaukee, Plews lubrication (Edelmann), PowerLuber, Sealey, Sealey, SKF, UMETA, Wilmar and many others.  

5. Simply depress trigger to release. No more stuck couplers.  

6. No need to hold while greasing. Lock-on and free up both hands to operate your grease gun.  

7. Durable, specially formulated rubber seal for longevity under high pressure.  

8. Four hardened spring steel jaws are resilient under high pressure.  

9. Check valve to reduce leakage. 

10. Suitable for high-pressure, heavy duty grease maintenance applications.

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