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Drill Guide FAQs

Who is the manufacturer of the V-DrillGuides?

That would be us! Big Gator Tools is the direct manufacturer of the V-DrillGuides and V-TapGuides.

How many drill guides are available?

We currently have 5 drill guides. 3 Standard/Imperial (Inches) drill guides and 2 Metric (Millimeters) drill guides.

Are there metric version of all the guides?

No, currently we have 3 guides that are metric: 2 Metric V-DrillGuide® (3-9.5mm) & Metric V-DrillGuide (10-14mm) and 1 Metric V-TapGuide®.

Can I use a tap guide as a drill guide?

No, the tap guide is sized for tap diameters. The drill guide is sized for drill bits. There is a difference and if you attempt to use the tap guide as a drill guide there will be slop and inaccuracy.

What's the largest size hole that's available?

1/2" or 14mm is our largest. That's the Standard V-DrillGuide - 3/8"-1/2" or Metric V-DrillGuide - 10-14mm

What's the smallest hole size that's available?

3/64" is the smallest. That's the MINI V-DrillGuide.

V-DrillGuide Video

Check out this great video about the V-DrillGuides. This video also discussses the tap guides that we manufacture as well.  

Drill Press VS V-DrillGuide®

Our V-DrillGuide got put to the test by Mark from CarAudioFabrication - check out the video to see how well it does! Transfer punch, center punch, threaded insert and drilling information in this video. VERY INFORMATIVE! 

V-DrillGuide FAQs (continued)


I want to drill a hole larger than a 1/2", what should I do?

You can drill what's called a pilot hole. Drill a hole that's smaller initially than the hole you want and use that as a guide for your larger hole. Example: I want to drill a 1" hole. Use the Standard V-DrillGuide - 3/8-1/2" and use the 1/2" to drill your pilot hole. Then use your 1" drill bit and drill into the pre-drilled hole. This will guide your drill bit accordingly.

Why are some of the drill guides tapered and some are rectangular?

The original design was tapered, the newer drill guides, Standard V-DrillGuide 3/8" - 1/2" and MINI V-DrillGuide have the rectangular shape. This allows users more space to clamp.

How would I see my mark with the guide in place?

1.) Center punch the location you would like to drill. Then use a transfer punch the same size as your drill bit to locate the guide exactly over the hole. The point of the transfer punch will align itself with the center punch hole.   

2.) Also, our drill guides come with hash marks on both sides, therefore you could mark a line going through the center location and align it with the marks on both sides of the drill guide.

Could you use Cobalt drill bits?

Yes, you can use Cobalt drill bits, no harm to the drill guide. Cobalt is slightly harder than titanium so it will work for titanium bits as well. The point of the bit does the cutting.

Will drill bits eat into the drill guide?

No, the drill bits will not eat into the drill guide. We offer a Lifetime Warranty with our drill guides. We have been in business over 10 years now and have never had one come back to us. The entire guide is made of an alloyed steel (not just the holes) and then the guide is heat-treated to be able to withstand multiple uses.

Will this V-DrillGuide work with spade bits (paddle bits)?

No. The cutting blades of a spade bit are larger than the shaft. The spade bits are designed to use their point to guide them and this guide would not always be centered around the spade bit to guide them.


Are the holes smooth?

Yes, they are smooth holes all the way through. Not drilled or reamed holes.

Can you use the V-DrillGuide on corners?

Yes, the bottom of the guide is flat AND has a "v-groove" at the bottom of the guide. The "v-groove" is a 90° design that runs through the entire guide. This design allows perpendicular alignment on round and cornered material. The drill guide works great on round parts, angled edges and flat surfaces.

What kind of warranty are on the drill guides?

Big Gator Tools offers a Lifetime Warranty on any of the V-DrillGuides.

What material is the drill guide made of?

The drill guides and tap guides are made of an alloyed steel that's heat-treated for durability. This is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty! They're long lasting tools.

Are these tools made in China?

No! These tools are made in the United States of America. The plastic tube the guide comes in and its label is even made in America. We try to keep our jobs close. A purchase of one of our tools helps other fellow Americans. We thank you for your business.

Where can I find more information?

For more basic information on shipping and more broad frequently asked questions. Please visit our FAQs page or contact us

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As Seen On TV Commercial

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