Tap Guide FAQs

Who is the manufacturer of the V-TapGuide?

That would be us! Big Gator Tools is the direct manufacturer of the V-DrillGuides and V-TapGuides.

How many tap guides does Big Gator Tools offers?

We carry 4 tap guides. 3 Standard/Imperial V-TapGuides and 1 Metric V-TapGuide.

What is a "v-groove" on the guides?

The "v-groove" is a 90° design that runs through the entire guide. The "v-groove" is found on the bottom of the guide and ensures perpendicular alignment on round and cornered material.

What is a V-TapGuide?

A V-TapGuide is a tap guide that answers the call to accurately guide hand tapped threads on the inside of a hole to accept a machine screw or bolt. If you start every hole straight, it will help prevent tap breakage and increase the tap life. 

The tap guide can also be used to restore an internal thread that has been damaged or to cut a new, larger thread in case of severe damage or stripping.

V-TapGuide VS. STI V-TapGuide?

The V-TapGuide is made to guide common used ground threaded taps for their called out bolt size. STI (Screw Thread Inserts) V-TapGuide is made to guide oversized ground threaded taps made for the outside diameter for the screw threaded inserts needed for the called out bolt size. Standard taps will not work with the STI V-TapGuides.       

The tap guide is offered in Standard or Metric sizes. The STI V-TapGuide is offered in Coarse or Fine Thread Sizes.

How to use a V-TapGuide?

The V-TapGuide is easy to use: place tap guide on work surface, with the "v-groove" side resting on the surface. Insert the tap through the guide into the pre-drilled hole and turn it clockwise. The tap will then be aligning perpendicularly using the guide as the base; this will ensure a straight and accurately tapped hole. Every few turns, back the tap out counter clockwise to clear the chips. It's beneficial to hand tap because the tap resistance can be felt and that feel helps prevent tap breakage. Tap straight - every time!

V-TapGuide Video

Check out this great video about the V-TapGuides. It also explains the drill guides we manufacture as well. To learn more, watch the video and keep reading the frequently asked questions below. 

V-TapGuide FAQs (contiuned)


How can the Standard V-TapGuide cover 0-80 when the smallest hole says #6?

0-80 to #6 have the same size shank so only one hole size is needed. Anything below a 6-32 share the common size shank used to guide the tap.

Does Big Gator Tools offer a tap guide for NPT (National Pipe Thread)?

Not currently.

Is there any wear from the teeth on taps?

No, there is no wear or gouging from the teeth on the taps. The V-TapGuides are all made with an alloyed steel that's heat-treated to make it durable.

Can you use the V-TapGuide on edges?

Yes! You can use the V-TapGuide on round parts, angled edges and flat surfaces.

Can you use the V-TapGuide on metal?

Yes! Time and money will be saved by tapping a hole once with the confidence of a perfectly aligned hole on wood, plastic or metal surfaces. Scrap and re-work are almost eliminated completely when using the V-TapGuide.

What kind of warranty are on the drill guides?

Big Gator Tools offers a Lifetime Warranty on any of the V-TapGuides.


What material is the drill guide made of?

The drill guides and tap guides are made of an alloyed steel that's heat-treated for durability. This is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty! They're long lasting tools.

Are these tools made in China?

No! These tools are made in the United States of America. Even the plastic tube the guide comes in and its label is made in America. We try to keep our jobs close. A purchase of one of our tools helps other fellow Americans. We thank you for your business.

Where can I find more information?

For more basic information on shipping and more broad frequently asked questions. Please visit our FAQs page or contact us.

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